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Rabu, 04 November 2009

Report Text

1. Report Text
What is Report?
1. Definition of Report
Report is a text which presents information about something, as it is. It is as a result of systematic observation and analysis
2. Generic Structure of Report
1. General classification: Stating classification of general aspect of thing; animal, public place, plant, etc which will be discussed in general
2. Description: Describing the thing which will be discussed in detail; part per part , customs or deed for living creature and usage for materials
3. Language Feature of Report
• Introducing group or general aspect
• Using conditional logical connection; when, so, etc
• Using simple present tense
4. Examples and structures of the text

General Clasification The white pelican is one of the most successful fish-eating birds.
Description The success is largely due to its command hunting behaviour. A group, perhaps two dozen birds, will gather in a curved arc some distance offshore. The birds then begin to move forward towards the shore, beating the water furiously with their wings, driving the fish before them.
When the water is shallow enough for the birds to reach the fish, the formation breaks up as each bird dips its bill into the water to scoop up its meal. As the bird lifts its head, the water drains from its bill leaving the fish which are then swallowed.
Pelicans are among the oldest group of birds, Fossils of this genus have been found dating back 40 million years.

Example of Report Text
A. Platypus; a report text
Many people call platypus duckbill because this animal has a bill like duckbill. Platypus is a native Tasmania and southern and eastern Australia.
Platypus has a flat tail and webbed feet. Its body length is 30 to 45 cm and covered with a thick, and woolly layer of fur. Its bill is detecting prey and stirring up mud. Platypus' eyes and head are small. It has no ears but has ability to sense sound and light.
Platypus lives in streams, rivers, and lakes. Female platypus usually dig burrows in the streams or river banks. The burrows are blocked with soil to protect it from intruders and flooding. In the other hand, male platypus does not need any burrow to stay.

Analyzing on the Text
Generic Structure analysis
General classification; stating general classification, the animal of platypus.
Description; describing in detail characterization of platypus' body and habitual life
Language Feature Analysis
Focusing in group; the animal of platypus
conditional, logical connective; but, in the other hand
Simple present tense pattern; Platypus lives in streams, male platypus does not need any burrow, etc

Small Notes
Ciri Umum:
(a) Tujuan Komunikatif Teks:
Menyampaikan informasi tentang sesuatu, apa adanya, sebagai hasil pengamatan sistematis atau analisis. Yang dideskripsikan dapat meliputi gajala alam, lingkungan, benda buatan manusia, atau gejala-gejala sosial. Deskripsi sebuah teks report dapat berupa simpulan umum, misalnya, ikan paus termasuk binatang mamalia karena ikan tersebut melahirkan anaknya.
(b) Struktur Teks/Generic structure
 General Clasification; Pernyataan umum yang menerangkan subjek laporan, keterangan, dan klasifikasinya.
 Description:tells what the phenomenon under discussion ; in terms of parts, qualities, habits or behaviors; Gambaran dari fenomena yang akan didiskusikan seperti bagian – bagiannya, kebiasaan atau tingkah laku jika benda hidup, kegunaannya jika non natural.
(c) Ciri Kebahasaan:
• general nouns, seperti ‘Reptiles in Comodo Insland’, dsb.
• relating verbs untuk menjelaskan ciri, misalnya reptiles are scaly animals (ciri ini berlaku untuk semua reptilia), dsb.
• action verbs dalam mejelaskan perilaku, misalnya lizards cannot fly, dsb.
• present tense untuk menyatakan suatu yang umum, misalnya Komodo dragons usually weight more than 160 kg, dsb.
• istilah teknis, misalnya water contains oxygen and hydrogen, dsb.
• paragraf dengan topik sentence untuk menyusun sejumlah informasi.

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