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A point of view is argued in an exposition. Expositions can be in the form of an essay or a letter to the editor.

An exposition begins with a thesis. There is a statement of position and a preview of the arguments.

Each argument to support your point of view is outlined.

The thesis is reinforced in the final paragraph, the reiteration.

Writing expositions

When writing an exposition you should:

• focus on groups not individuals eg pests

• use present tense eg affects

• use words to link arguments eg lastly.

Use the exposition text 'Integrated pest management' to answer the following questions.

1 List some of the words that are used to represent groups from the text.


List some of the words in the text that are used to link arguments.

Check your answers

Practice writing an exposition by developing a thesis and thinking of three or four arguments. Your topic could be:

• organic agriculture is best

• white meat is healthier than red meat

• your choice.

If you cannot write an exposition with confidence, talk to your teacher.

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Suggested answers


1 Words that represent groups of things in the text: pesticides, chemicals, residues, produce, animals, fish, bees and enemies.

2 Also and as well are used to link arguments in the text.

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