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Kamis, 23 Juli 2009



Reports classify or describe something eg a combine harvester.

Reports begin with a general statement which introduces the topic.

In the description, facts (parts, qualities, habits and behaviours of the subject) may be described.

Example of a report: shows the structure and language features of a report text.

Writing reports

When writing reports you will need to:

• use technical terms eg comb, threshing, drum

• write in simple present tense eg harvest, cuts.

Refer to the sample report text to answer the following questions.
1 List some more technical terms from the text.
2 List some words that are written in the present tense.
Check your answers

Practice by writing a report on a topic of your choice.

• a new tractor

• the latest four wheel drive vehicle

• a new herbicide

• a topic of your choice.

Don't forget to include technical terms and verbs (action words)

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