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Juwana Pati, Central Java, Indonesia
I am an English teacher in SMA Negeri 1 Pati. I am a father of two children Wanindyatami Firstidi Putri and Satriya Pinandhita Seconditya Putra. I am a husband of Triyanti. I live in Doropayung village Rt 7 RW. 3.I am a dreamer cause I believe if I can dream someday my dream will come true.

Rabu, 22 Desember 2010

Walkang Walking to Singapore with My Beloved Students

It was Monday evening, there were many people in our school. Most of them would like to say good bye to their children who would like to join Youth Science Jambore in Singapore. There were 22 students. We took a small bus to Juanda Airport. The way to Surabaya is like Roll coaster, that was why we arrived at Juanda 3.30. It took 7 hours.
We flew to Changi Airport with China Airlines. They served delicious food, nice smile and many films. I watched "Eat Love and Pray" Julia Roberts' film. 2 hours in a plane was too short for us. Then ..................

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